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Hello to all,
     I just picked up a 94 GT yesterday and had some questions. One is that when you rev the engine it doesn't come right back down. It kind of hangs a little high in the Rpm's for a few, then drops to idle. Even when approaching a stop light when I push in the clutch the engine Rpm's go up a little for a few seconds and then Drop to idle.

     Second is that I have an area of about 2-3" that I can turn the steering wheel before it engages the wheels and starts to turn. Is this a steering box problem and can it be fixed? If not, what is a good replacement for it?

     Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

sounds like you need a mnew steering rack they are cheap less than 100$ then you need an alignment afterwards for about another 40$

the hanging idle is probably the iac(idle air control) motor on the throttle body remove it and spray it out with carb cleaner and see how it does after that

Thanks for the reply. I'll try those and let you know how I make out.

alright, im working on my 95 GTS and was cooling down for a min :P let us know

Ok, well I took the car to the shop to get the engine light checked and pull the codes. They tried for a while, and they could not communicate with the computer. They asked if any chips were installed, and I said I didn't know because I just got the car. Upon further investigation I noticed the remains of what looks like the cable for an automatic trans. shifter, like the car used to be an automatic. That would explain why i got some shift solenoid and park switch trouble codes when i ran a quick test for trouble codes.

 Now, could the check engine light be on from there being a computer looking for an automatic trans. sensors and stuff and the car now has a manual trans, and is there anyway to fix that?????

Also found that the play in the steering wheel is from a connection in the steering shaft going to the rack. just below the top universal joint there are two shafts. One goes inside the other, and they don't fit tight, and the play is from the looseness in that connection. Can that be fixed or do I need to replace the entire steering shaft assembly.

Sorry for the long message, just trying to fix these things.

Thanks again for any help you guys can provide.


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