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91 lincoln mk vii caliper upgrade


hi-- newb here- i just upgraded my 89 lx vert w/lincoln mk vii calipers(reman) w/hawk hps shoes. i kept the rotors stock for now. the calipers have some side play- there is some vibration under light brake pressure. anyone have the same upgrade or problem i'm having.thought about sending these back and ask for another set of calipers-- what do you think-  thanks.

Were you sure the calipers would mate up with the other stock stuff before getting them?  If so, and they are not right, I would take them back for a refund and get the right ones. 

I imagine you need to check the run out on the rotors they are probably warped slightly.

The mark7 upgrade is a common upgrade on the fox mustang.  Basically when you add the Lincoln caliper you have the SVO mustang style setup.

Normally with the caliper upgrade, you do an m/c upgrade also to keep the pedal nice and firm



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