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Jerry Baker:
Ok everyone I know we have a Fox Body pro on here.

My question is this :

I have a member that bought a 89 gt  he ran a car fax on it and when he did it called the car a 1989 GT/Cobra

we know that 89 didnt have a cobra.  So why would the car fax say this

The first SVT Cobra Mustang was produced in 1993 so I don't think the report is right unless Ford sold limited edition GT Cobras. I did find fox body Cobra Mustangs from the 80's on the web but without any information other than this name.

Jerry Baker:
someone has told me that they sold cobras in Canada in the 80s so Im at a lose too.   The guys bought it as a gt and is happy with it.  He just seen that on the car fax and wanted to know why it would say that.   I need to find the book that tells the vin number breakdown and see if it was a Canada car.

You are right Godfather. Ford did sell Mustang Cobras between 1984 and 1992 in Canada only. This was only done so Ford could keep the ownership of the Cobra name but the cars had no equipment changes from the US GT Mustang.
Source: February 07 issue of Modified Mustangs magazine

my insurance card says same thing 1991 gt/cobra i was wandering about that myself


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