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89 Ford Mustang Transmission Shifting Problem?


bought this car, it's a 2.3 four cyl. automatic. changed fluid ,filter and modulator . when engine is cool, first thing in the morning, it shifts pretty good, but as the engine warms up i have to lift my foot of the gas pedal to get it to shift into the next gear. what else should i do?

You never should have replaced the transmission fluid in this old of a car. I dont know why, but that usually destroys the tranny if the fluid was not replaced on a regular basis.I have personally seen this happen to about 4 or 5 five people I know. If the tranny works fine in an older car, never replace the fluid.

You need to tighten the bands.  Just changing the fluid on that transmission will not make it go south, but it will indidate that other maintenance needs to take place. 


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