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5.0 starting problem


hello everyone i have another starting problem.. i recently change the starter solenoid and recently bought new battery terminals.. my problem is i turned the key to turn it on and it doent want to start but it still cranks but doesnt turn on.. i check the fuses and there good.. but i havent check my spark plugs or the spark plug wires??.. what do you think it could be ? plz HELP !! :(

what about the starter? if the starter has a separate solenoid then the wiring might be off. i agree it sounds like plugs or wires but if it fired before then when you put new parts on then the wires or plugs shouldnt be the issue. have you messed with the distributor or timing?

i havent messed with the timing or anything like that.. the starter does wrk.. well im going to check it out

Take your #1 wire off at the plug, and see if you can see a blue spark .
If not, then you need to adjust your points, or your coil is shot. 

okay then thanks tomorrow im lifting her on putting her on jacks and making repairs


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