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19 versus 24 lb. injectors


I lost the post with the question about which injectors to use in a 93 GT.  Stock should be 19lb, and with a heated up engine and stronger fuel pump, you can go with the 24.  Some guys with really hot engines go up to 30 lb. injectors.  Something is going on with this site where I lose posts.  I'll get with Thierry to see if we can fix that.  You guys have a good time working on your Mustangs, and post often, even if to chat. 

thanks for answering that. i only have a stock fuel pump so there would be no point in going to bigger injectors yet. but i could still get a bigger intake and throttle right? if i did that i suppose i should get a better fuel pump and get the 24lb injectors. don't know where to start....

It's a total package.  You don't get a higher pressure fuel pump without the 24's.  The upgrade intake is a part of that total upgrade package.   

gotcha its an all at once kinda deal... have to save up for that. what about internal parts? i don't want to bolt on too much if my motor can't handle it. whats my stopping point before i need to pull the motor and build it?


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