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which motor would be the best?????????


ol dirty doug:
i have a 1996 gt and i am shopping for a motor right now.....   i am kinda leaning towards the 4 valve dual cam navigator engine, but not sure???  i would like to keep it for now a stockish motor (meaning i do not want to replace the crank rods qand pistons,)  i hear there are a lot of factory modular engines that can withstand a great amount of hp stock. 

so here is my criteria...
-i want to know which model car or truck has the toughest bottom end.
-i would like to be in the 5.4 range???
-32 valve intech v8 maybe???????????

link to info on it....

2003 Mustang 32 valve engine. 

ol dirty doug:
ok so over the last few days i bought 3 mark VIII's one 1996 ant 2 1998's  all have under 50,000 miles!!!!   yesterday i pulled out the motors, all look great all run perfect, now for the fun stuff.....

one i am putting in my 96 as is, and the other two i am going to build. just bought 2 cobra steel 8 bolt cranks and one set of cobra heads.  ordered today a set of egale rods and probe pistons. 

all 3 motors are the "TEKSID" blocks aluminum and i am building a engine running stand today to run them after i build them up.   cant wait to get one in my mustang!

which factory heads are going to be better to run on these engines????


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