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Wheels. Need help.

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Wheels.... okay rims more like it.

I would like to put 18 inch rims on my car, deep dish in the back so it would be 18 X 10 and the front would be 18 X 9  With my car being as low as it is, would it be a good idea to put the 18s on it? Its tight in the back now with stock rims and my front end is okay i do believe.

Hey, new rims!  I knew you'd come around.  ;)

With new rims, you're gonna need new tires too.  Don't be surprised if you dump $2K on them.  Last I checked 18's were the most expensive "teen" sized tires, that's why I jumped to 20's on my truck.  You might consider 17's or 20's just to ease the tire costs.

Probably because 18 is a good size. Any bigger doesn't suit a muscle car.
Can't help you with telling you what will fit, I don't have experience with those cars.


--- Quote from: FASTBACK65GT on January 09, 2010, 09:53:03 AM ---Hey, new rims!  I knew you'd come around.  ;)

--- End quote ---

I have been planning on buying new rims... thanks for that.

I'm not worried about cost. I use my left over money from school for stuff for the car. Like New rims and tires. I'm looking at $1,300 all together. That includes the locking lug nuts.

I don't think 18" rims will fit under a '98.  Maybe an 05-010 though,  Here's some reading.......


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