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what to get with 1500 bucks?

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hey i was wondering what you guys would suggest for the best mods with 1500 to 2k to spend? I am pretty sure i will get bbk long tube headers, but not sure what else. i don't i want to get 4:10 gears because i drive all highway to work and don't want my mileage to go to shit. i was also looking at a bbk t-body maybe different fuel injectors, maybe a tuner to but would like to her what you guys have to say. thanks

Here's an idea you may not have thought of. It's easy to think about boosting horsepower, but what about showing those guys who think a mustang is a straight line only car a thing or two? Roush has a suspension package for $1499 that replaces your springs, struts, swaybars and such. It will make your car 1 inch lower and make it handle 1 G on the skidpad! That is really good!
If I had $1500 that's what I'd do. You already have a very respectable 300 hp anyway, upgrade that later!

if i had more money i would boost the hp and get that but since they are coming out with v6 stangs with same amount of power as my v8 i feel the need to upgrade the power haha. also i already have speacial faring on the front and i dont think i would want it any lower then it already is. thanks though, i appreciate your help man.
heres a link to show how low it is already just scroll down a little bit

also i dont know if you have ever been to Saskatchewan but our landscape is a lot different then yours. a lot let twists and sh*t, thanks though

lol yeah I haven't been there but I know its straight and flat. just get rid of the steering wheel, don't need it anyway right?  :P


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