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Taking time of my quarter mile....


Ok i went to the local drag strip tonite and ran my car.Its stock with the exception of a kn intake system.Best time i could get is a 14.72.I wanted to know without breaking my pockets lol would be a good way to make more power to get this time down.I already ordered the SCT handtuner thing it'll be here on tuesday.I was also wondering are there any good cams that you can use with the stock heads.I'd be upgrading the springs and all that too

What gears do you have in the rear?

ol dirty doug:
N2O!!!!!   bang for the buck can not be beat! and you can run a SAFE 150 shot on that car all day.  other than that heads (cam) intake and exhaust is where all the power is made

Automatic or Manual transmission?

Rear Gears?

How was your traction?

I am working on the same goals, though my car is a fairly different beast.  To that end I'll make a few suggestions on how to run faster, but not on how to improve power as I am not familiar enough with the modern engines to really be a good source of information.

Some of the things that help and are free are lowering the air pressure in your tires to get a better launch.

Remove any excess weight-leave the spare tire and jack and all junk out of the car.

Unhook the front sway bar, again this helps with the launch and is something that can be done at the track and then rehooked up for the ride home.

Inexpensive improvements include relocating the battery to the trunk, (use a sealed box and do it right if you do it!) upgrading tires to drag radials, installing subframe connectors and traction bars if needed. 

There are certain safety things you should do if you are going to run a car on a drag strip.  Have a fire extinguisher mounted within reach at a minimum-a fire suppression system would be better.''

Install a driveshaft safety loop.  A broken U joint can result in a driveshaft catapulting the rear of the car, or it can come through the floor.

and practice-learning to make a proper 1/4 mile run isn't just get in the car and do it.  With practice and familiarity with the car, learning the best shift points etc.  a good driver can shave a lot of time off a run.  Don't be afraid to find a really good driver at the track on a test and tune day and pick his brain and see if he might take your car down the track for a run.  You might very well see him rip a time off a 1/2 second faster than you.

Good luck

Ok, I don't drag race my Mustangs, but here is an article I found a year or so ago that I put in the classic Mustang FAQ that sounds like good advice for beginner dragsters.  These tips should shave some time off your 1/4 mile run and give you some very good advice on what to expect at a decent track.


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