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starting problems


Engone turns over im, gettin a spark ive hooked up Aotoxray obd11 no fault codes, added 3 gallons of gas just in case gauge is off....where to look next............boost of start fluid.......not my daily driver so she does sit a lot but have never had any issues in 7 years.....i also noticed with key on ubder tank im not hearing any e-pump running is this at this so dont bash too hard............GT W/65k miles...note   also reset alarm system no luck

Hey Johnny.  Welcome to the site.  It sounds as if you are not getting fuel to the EFI.  Take the line off and have someone try to start the car.  If no fuel is coming from the line, then the pump is probably shot.  I don't hear the pump on my 03 Mach1, so that is not an indication, but not getting fuel to the EFI is. 


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