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spark wells filled with oil,what to do?


I recently purchased 2000 Mustang GT 4.6 liter V8 with 148.000 miles. I like the car very much and plan on keeping it for a while.

I got the error code P0304 - this means there is a missfire in cylinder number 4, the one on passanger side close to windshield.

Pulled the spark plug sleeve, aka coil boots to see that there is oil filled up in the spark wells. When pulled the coil sleeve i saw that it look like an oil stick. it was submerged in oil. so my quess is oil is comin from inside the engine and sparks dont make it to the spark plug.   

I change the sleeve / boot, now engine light is off, engine sounds good and there is power.
I know its coming from the bottom up, not top down. oil is coming from the spark plugs.

How can i stop that oil coming up from the engine and filling the spark wells?

ol dirty doug:
i say its mostlikley the valve cover gasket.


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