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I figured it was time to do the spark plugs but before starting I noticed online that people had problems with the oem plugs breaking off in the head. The advice I found was to use penetrating oil, let it soak, loosen it, let it soak more, and then take the plugs out. I was careful to do that and everything went fine except for one plug... it broke anyway.
So now I have part of a spark plug broken off inside the head. The electrode came out of the insulator so basically you can see the insulator and a hole down the center of it.
Is there any way to solve this problem WITHOUT removing the head?
This really sucks because I did what I could to prevent this and it happened anyway. Please help!

 :-\ oh that sucks. I'm not really sure what to tell you to do about that one. I dont think there is another way unless you mess the contacts up for the plugs

Once you get the plug out, take a wet dry vacuum that is clean inside and attach a smaller hose to it with duct tape (use the biggest piece of scrap hose you can that will fit through the plug threads)  Run the hose in until it contacts the top of the piston and try and vacuum the cylinder out.  Check the vacuum for the piece that fell in and try and reassemble the plug to see if you got it all.

There are fiber optic scopes that some mechanics have, or if you have a buddy into guns, they could have one.  You can then slip one of these in for a visual inspection before turning the engine over.

Good luck

I just found out there is a special tool for this exact problem on the 5.4L trucks and 4.6L mustangs. It should not let anything fall into the cylinder but the vacuum idea sounds like a good one. Thank you.

Tell us about that special tool.  I may want to acquire one of those suckers. 


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