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rear end squeak

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alright im new to this forum and i have a problem i have an 02 gt with a 3.73 rear end after it has sat not runing for a while i hop in and drive for about three miles then a squeel comes from the rear end. the squeel matches the wheel speed. i just replaced all the brakes need some input did a search with no results thanks.

Most likely a wheel bearing has gone south on you, or you have a brake pad dragging.  Take the wheel off on the side where the squeal is coming from, and see if the pad is stuck.  If not, then suspicion the bearing. 

thanks for the reply. all the rotors and pads are brand new. all the caliper pins were greased at the time. the front hub bearings seem like they are in good shape. any other ideas?

You have a bearing that goes into the housing shaft that sometimes gets dry and squeaks.   If it was mine, I would take it into a shop that specializes in brakes and rear ends. 

thanks for the reply. Which bearing are you talking about? The one in the rear end itself or the tail shaft on the transmission?


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