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Rear end question.

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While cleaning my garage today i discovered about 5 or 6 drops of an oilly liquid where my car is usually parked. after further inspection of my car it appears that it is coming from the dif cover. what could possibly be ther reason for this

Where is it leaking from?  If it is from the differential housing (pumpkin) then it is a gasket leak from the pumpkin.  If it is from one on the wheel sides, then it is from a bearing seal on that side.  Take it to a brake and  rear wheel bearing specialist and heve them check it out. 

it is coming from the center i can only hope it is just a seal and i already made an appt. with my mechanic but this will be his first time working on my mustang so i am a little weary.

Replacing the rear end seal is a no-brainer.  It's just a matter of draining the old oil and replacing the seal along with a new batch of gear oil.  I suggest you have him/her replace it with a 75/90 weight synthetic gear oil. 

it is an input seal that had gotten dry and cracked. But he doesnt have time for it till monday so he toped of my oil and said i should be fine putting around town till monday. Should i drive it or just let it sit?


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