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possible future problems? new noises


I bought a used mustang GT 06 a few months ago, and have been loving it.
It had about 16k on it, and was in great shape from what I could tell.  I had a mechanic take a look at it too, and it checked out alright.

The only thing i noticed was an annoying rattling noise that came from the passenger side.  It goes away after driving about 5-10 minutes, but i havent been able to pinpoint what it is.  Sounds like the console or something higher up.

Anyways, I had a problem starting my car for the first time after putting about 1500 on it myself.  Now when i start the car, it shakes a little more than it used to and has a quick pop noise.  It seems to run fine otherwise, but I was just wondering from experience if anyone else knows what sort of problems I should expect down the line?

I live in michigan and the weather has been shifting back and forth alot lately, so i figure maybe that's a factor?


fuel pressure, find out if its within specs

When's the last time you changed the fuel filter?? Sounds stupid, but if the fuel filter is clogged on these cars it can send the fuel pressure haywire.

I haven't personally since i just got it at 16.5, but i will look into it, thanks guys!

Would this also cause that interior-sounding rattling at all, or is that just probably some loose console/dash i'd need to look into?  The only reason it confuses me is because it goes away after 10 or so minutes.

Sounds like you have a naked woman in there trying to get out.  ;D Nah, I have no idea.  Apparently you have something loose that needs tightening to stop the rattle.  You need to get a buddy to ride with you to locate the exact area where the rattling is taking place and investigate further from there. 


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