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possible bad tps sensor?


OK, WOT at 4000rpm car stumbles/stalls for a split second then is fine, this only happens in 2nd gear. happens at same point every time. have been told possible tps sensor, any suggestions/comments?

D Gage very newbie:
my 85 has done that it was not a tps  my car is injected so i have one.  One of the easiest ways i have found about tps does it also idle erratic in neutral or park? while its idling in neutral or park unplug the tps if it goes does not change then definitely it is bad you can always take it to auto zone they test tps off the vehicle for free   

sometimes idle well go up and down a bit as soon as motor is under load, but only when car is first started. will try what you said though. thanks for advise.

By being under load, do you mean when you put it in drive?  Under load to me means going up a hill and you floor it.  Then, you are no longer idling.  ;D


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