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Possible alternator problem - help appreciated


Hi All,

I'm new here, and this forum seemed to have the most knowledgeable people, so I thought I would ask about a problem that I have:

My 07 GT has problems starting. This morning, the car started without any issue. Leaving work at lunchtime, the car tried to start and failed. My initial thought was that my battery was dead, so I had a co-worker jump the car. Started fine, went about my way. After a 20 minute ride home, the car started again, but still sounded like it was sluggish.

I figured that the battery had begun to charge again, and had just enough juice to get it going. "20 more minutes of driving back to work would be plenty of time to get some extra juice in the battery" I thought.

Leaving work about an hour ago, same problem. Drove the car to the local Advanced Auto parts store and had the battery tested. The result said that the battery was good. Got in my car, turned the key, engine started STRONG.

Drove across the street to the grocery store feeling content, and got stuck in the parking lot.

It seems as if something is draining my battery, but I can't see any evidence of anything being on inside the car. Furthermore, the headlights and dash continue to light up after the car has been turned off.

Has anyone experienced this problem, or have an idea of what could cause it? I greatly appreciate any advice!!

Maybe its a starter issue. When was the last time you had a tune up? Spark plugs and what not. It could be that. If your battery tested strong I don't see how it could be your alternator because that is what charges the battery. I don't think your battery is your issue. Is your check engine light on? If so i would say carry it to auto zone and check it. It might be able to tell you. Is your car getting enough gas to start?

It could be anything really, but i would rule the battery and the alternator out

I would take it to Autozone and have them check the alternator. 

I would check your ground straps to the engine and the chassis first and the wires to the starter and solenoid.  Your solenoid is at the starter rather than on the side of the engine bay, but if you can short across it and get it to start when it is acting up, then the solenoid is bad.

It is a bit of a pain, but if all wiring checks out, pull the starter and take it in to be tested.  2 wires, 2 bolts

The lights will stay on for a minute or so after you turn off the key.  Stay around and see if they go off after you lock the car.  You can also cleck your battery for leaks when it has been sittin g for awhile with a mulitmeter.  If you still have something on (a light or whatever) you will detect a drain on your battery.  Then you need to do a thorough search for the drain source if you have one.  I still suspect a faulty Alternator. 


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