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Oil in coolant resevoir

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My son's 1996 Gt has oil that is getting into the cooling system, We flushed the system and after a while it came back. During oil changes there is no evidence
of oil in the pan so i don't think it has to do with the headgasket, has anyone
had to deal with this problem and if so WHAT THE HECK is it. Thanks for any replys.

ol dirty doug:
i had that happen on a 5.0 and it was the head gasket. it blew between an oil passage and the water jacket (not the typical blown head gasket, no loss in compression)  also check to see if the collant smells like gas or exhaust. 

The only way oil can get into the cooling system is with a blown head gasket. 

With a blown head gasket, would'nt there be coolant in the oil pan?

ol dirty doug:
not nessacerally, if you blow it on the pressure side of the oil passages you will get oil into the radiator due to the pressuer differance. and if you blow it on the return (low pressure side) then you will get collant into the oil pan.   there are a lot of different ways you can blow a head gasket.   and of course there is the cracked block also......   lets just hope that you do not have that.


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