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Oil in coolant resevoir

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I thought about a cracked block, but didn't want to mention it because that is a rare case, and only in cold weather where the coolant is not exact to standards.  At any rate, the car needs to be taken into a Ford mechanic to decifer the problem. 

Thanks for the post's guys, My son went by the local Ford dealer and they seem to agree with what ya'll are saying. I don't think it's a cracked block though because the car has never been overheated and we don't quite get that cold down here, of course except for this week. Somebody needs to let Al Gore know that his concept of global warming is crap. LOL

Al Gore has been told that many times by people who are in the know.  He needs to take that trophy and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. 

ol dirty doug:
al gore   =   "man-bear-pig"


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