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Oil filters?

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Is there a better quality filter than Fram with an anti-drainback feature?

Yep, in fact there are many.  Fram is absolutely the worst oil filter you could put on an engine.  I use Wix brand that can be gotten from just about anywhere.  Read through this and pay special attention to the Wix description.

Soaring is right.  I used Fram filters for years.  I went up to o'reilly, and I have a mechanic friend.  I asked for a fram filter and he started laughing.  He took me over to the counter.  They had a o'reilly filter and fram filter cut open.  I was like the fram filter is CRAP!  :-[ You mainly pay for the easy removal grip that comes on them.

I use the stp or mobile filter, but no FRAM!

If you actually read the link I gave you, you would realize that Fram is the worst filter you can buy, but it is popular because it is cheap and readily available.   You can pick up a Fram at Wally world or Autozone easily, whereas getting the better filters causes you to shop around.  Fortunately, the local parts place here in my small Texas town has the WiX filters, but you can also get the Motorcraft filters at most Wal-Mart stores along with Mobil1 synthetic oil, both of which are good products.  If you are using Fram filters and Quaker State or some other dino oil, you are committing your engine to a slow death.   

Thank you very much for the link and the excellent advice.(actually, I've been using the one model of Fram that was almost acceptable) I also use Castrol syntec blend. (Pushed a few family cars to 200k on regular Castrol,so I think it's good stuff)


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