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well i just picked up an 02 gt the other day. i was wondering what would the best mods be to get it into 12s n/a. i know going FI would be a lot easier but i want to build and n/a car first. well thanks for your help

Low or high 12's probably with a supercharger.  If you stick with headers, 4:10 gears, high flow cats, pulleys.  You might get the low 13.  The above performance has been done to my car ( minus the pulleys), and I was able to get a whole 6 more hp! ???

Do not listen to these ads in books, get 20 + more hp!  Yeah right, do the mod, get your car dyno and you will fine out the truth.  It will not be much with the above upgrades.  You will be really disappointed!

You will be able to get more hp & torque out of the 02 with minor upgrades then I have because of my car being so old.  There are no such thing as cheap upgrades in my opinion, people will disagree with my statement.  But by the time you spend $100 bucks here and $100 bucks there.  you have $1500.00 in cheap upgrades that are not worth crap until you hook that supercharger up.  Then you will see those cheap upgrades being utilized!

Building the car, no....not worth it.  By the time you with high performance heads, cams, rebuild, etc, not unless you do most of the work.  You will have just as much invested in it as much as a supercharger, just find out your will be ALMOST  were a supercharger will have you! :o  Plus, the supercharger will not increase the gas mileage as much as building the crap out of it!

Good luck,


Welcome to the neighborhood.  A friend of our has an 02 GT and he has exhaust, after market headers, bullitt intake, and some other stuff and I think he's in the 12's.  But I'm not sure I'll check into and ask him exactly what he has and what he runs.

thanks that would be nice. im going tobe gettign some money soon and would like to put some of it into the car.

Read the post right below this one.  You can sink a lot of coin into a Mustang and still not achieve what you want.  But, here is what others are doing and getting into the 12's.  Unless you are dragging at the strip, a 13 car is all you need on the street to smoke most ricers.  ;D
I'd start with a chip, head swap, then do either karkraft ram air or bullitt intake and radical cam.  Follow with gears and then pulleys.  3.73 gears with a manual, and 4.10 gears with an automatic. Then header/x/exhaust and quality catback.  If more still needed, then it is time for nitrous or FI and a blower.  With all of that, you will need to strengthen the chassis and rear end.  If you have all that power, you will need something to get it to the ground without just sitting in the stall spinning.  You are going to need some hellatiously wide  racing slick tires in the back along with something like the Watkins system to hold those big tires to the pavement.  Are you sure you want to get into the 12's? Power is very expensive. 


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