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Hi , I just joint the forum today, i'm a Mustang freak too i love them, this my second time with a mustang vehicle, i just buy a few month ago a 1997 GT, with a lot of stuff as you can see in my mod descriptions, but i notice two main troubles, one on the passenger side exhaust i notice that the car smoke black under WOT not always but rarely is this a reason to be scare, the other problem i found is that the animal " the past owner" thats the only name i can call to a person that weld the gears in the differential to a car that cames with OEM possy traction, i notice a lot of play in the differential about a 1-1/2" of play also when i take a close corner something start to sound like a click, click like the sound of a car with a damage front axle only if i make a close turn and the play that have the differential turn my mad because if you go at 40MPH and quit the accelator you hear the play clan,clan,clan,clan there is something DYS or i have to go to the shop to fix this? Well thanks for your time and excuse my English i try my best, including sounds LOLOLOLOLOL.

That black smoke is more than likely fuel burning rich when you stomp on it.  Keep checking your oil level though just in case it is oil getting by your oil rings at WOT.  Now, as far as the differential is concerned, a Detroit Locker sounds like that when you take a corner.  I wouldn't worry about it.   Although I speak some Spanish, you speak English a lot better than I do Spanish.  Yo hablo Espanol un poquita, pero sus Engles is mucho mas bueno que mi Espanol. 

Thanks for the reply, wow now your scare me, i'm just in bed right now but in case is oil getting in pistons that mean i have to rebuilt the engine, let me take the high blood preassure pills in my hand until the reply arrive   :-[

It's not too uncommon for an engine with thousands of miles on it to burn a little oil, especially if you are running it at WOT alot.  In fact, if you are not burning about 1/2 a quart every 3,000 miles something is wrong.  Now, if the engine was new, then you would expect it not to burn any oil at all.  I really wouldn't let it worry you unless you are burning a quart every time you fill up with gas.  Then, and only then will you need an overhaul. Or, just keep burning oil.  Oil is cheap compared to an overhaul.   ;D

Thanks for your help my friend!!! at least i can sleep tonight  ;D


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