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Need AC help in Louisiana


Great site and glad to be a new member. I have a maroon 98GT 150k miles which I have owned since mile 1. Here is my problem and what I have done. Got in car yesterday and soon as I turned the AC on I noticed the compressor would cut on and off about every 10 seconds. Then after about 2 minutes or so it cut off and would not kick back on. I took it back home immediatly and started to look for a problem. all fuses are good. I ran a wire from battery to compressor and kicked it on maunally and it started cooling so I let it run for about 5 minutes with no problem and it cooled down the car inside just fine, so I am pretty sure compressor is ok. Also had the freon checked and it is correct. The AC shop wanted to charge me to do any further work, should I let them do it? Any ideas what has happened or where to start or what to look at? Thanks for any help and if I did not post this in the right spot I apologize.

Your symptoms are generally related to low freon pressure, but since you say the freon and the compressor are up to snuff, I would suspicion the compressor clutch relay switch.  It could be going south on you.  Yes, allow the pros to get your AC running.  If you are a novice, all you will do is cost yourself a bunch more money than they will charge. 

yeah its either a low charge of the pressure switch is going bad

you can top it off with a can of r134 and go from there


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