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look what i got for my mach 1


I love that feeling you get when you pull into the driveway after a long day of work and you see something sitting on your front porch.

This time I got a polished fuel door. I saw this on Ebay and loved how it looked. Only problem was they did not have one with the Mach 1 engraving. I sent him an email and told him I would be willing to pay more for one if they could do it. He sent an email back saying no charge we can do it.

We also had a conversation on the phone. Great guy. And can you believe that when I opened the box I found two fuel doors in the box. One was for my Mach and the other is a brushed door for a 05+ (he is the first one in the market makes this item). I thought he made a mistake until I read his note on the invoice. All I can say is this guy is great to deal with and has an excellent looking product.

His ebay id: k-line-pro.

Looks nice, BTW I have the MGW locking black fuel door  :-D


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