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I need to borrow a 4.6L tech nerd...

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...for a quick question I can't seem to find an answer to. I'm looking at the possibility of swapping a 4.6 modular ford engine into a car designed for half the cylinder count (heh heh) and among other things, I need to know if it'll fit under some conditions.

What I need the tech nerd for is this: I planned on using the aluminum block from the newer cobra engines, but possibly using the SOHC heads to save weight/fitting space, if that's possible. I understand the swap itself is a huge pain and requires modification to the front cover and all, but so far as I know the SOHC heads are smaller in dimension and lighter, both things I am looking for. Question is, just how much smaller is, say, a 3 valve SOHC head than the DOHC that comes with the aluminum block, and will it fit at all?

If any of you have articles or spec sheets you can point me at, or know the info off the top of your head, I'd appreciate it.

What car are you proposing to put that beast in?  Do you have a measuring tape?   Use it.  Also, you will need a complete new front end regarding suspension even if that monster fits.  You will also need a new transmission and rear end, and a lot of cutting and adjusting for a fit like the drive shaft, etc.  You may want to reconsider this after getting all the prices. 

Measuring tape, check. Engine? Not so much. I'm doing my research ahead of time, so I don't end up with a car without and engine and a giant V8 paperweight. I'll be getting the numbers I need this week on the car in question, a 95-up 240sx. Right now I'm thinking the problem spots will be the brake booster and steering shaft, after switching the engine over to a dry sump or front sump, I may still need to drop the rack down an inch or two. The crossmember is going to be modified or fabbed as well, I'll need to add some rigidity to the subframe for the engine, regardless of the fact I'll be starting it out mostly stock.

As for the suspension, that's really the funny part. The reason I'm looking at the aluminum block is fully assembled it's actually lighter than that POS truck motor that comes in it. 450 something lbs assembled vs. the KA's 473.

There are kits for the LS1 240zx swap, it actually fits rather nicely and if that's what I was going for, it'd definitely be easier...but in the end, I'm picky and I want that 4.6 instead :D Having the SOHC head may help with the booster clearance, along with further saving weight.

Again, any numbers, or rodders that have tried swapping the heads around, any info you have would be greatly appreciated. The local dealerships are mostly run by incompetents and folks I used to work with, and therefore have all the reason in the world not to listen to. Long story (= There's one good machine shop, but I don't suspect they handle odd head swaps like this very often.

I don't think you are going to get the answers you need on this site.  Putting an American 4.6 into that car has never been done as far as I know.  I personally think you are crazy for even thinking of it, much less seriously deciding to do it. 

You mean nobody knows anything about 4.6L heads on the Mustang forum? :P

I'll work out the possibilities myself, really I just need someone that's had a good deal of hands-on with the modular engine...

Besides, a little crazy makes the cars unique, yeah? Kinda like this.


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