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I owned a 240Z many moons ago, and that car was the biggest POS I have ever owned.  Not only did it heat up all the time, the physical things like seats, radio, etc, were junk.  Nice looking body though.   ;D

Yeah...the old Z cars weren't known for reliability. Didn't help that they were assembled overseas and shipped as complete units, most of em had rust on them when brand new because of the seawater.

Really, the idea was to take a shell that I particularly like, that follows the design of one of my favorite cars (that being the Supra), only lighter and better suited for cornering and such, and lose the gimp engine in favor of something that can move it along properly. Doesn't hurt that the noise that the 4.6 produces one of the best things I've ever heard, either :D

Oh, and also I'm actually looking at a 91-94 240sx, rather than the old 70's Z car. The ex drove one of those, so I had plenty of time to nitpick (and have to repair) all the things that were wrong with it.

Well, you definitely have a hard project ahead of you.   Good luck with it.


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