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I'm really looking for some help with this one guys


My pony has a problem thats even after 2 dealership visits and a 255$ ignition linkage fix still has not stopped.
This problem only occurs when i have to A/C on. If I have the A/C on and I am stopped for a few minutes(red lights predominantly) my rpms will jump up by themselves getting to about 1500 sometimes almost hitting 2000. When i shift it into neutral the problem goes away. If i turn off the A/C the problem also goes away. Does anyone have a clue as to why this is going on? The dealer messed with the ignition linkage(at least thats what they say) and the problem still happened but did not happen as badly, the rpms would only reach about 900 or so but now the problem is back.



hmm i wonder if there is a problem in the computer as the compressor coming on should create a slight rise in idle, but nothing about what you are talking about

is your check engine light on?

The engine did come on a few times. The first time i used an ODB II and scanned the computer and came back with no codes. The second time i took it to the dealer and then thats when they worked on the ingniton linkage. Also once i got it back from the dealer my ABS light will randomly come on while I am driving and then my traction control will turn itself off and i cannot turn it back on. Do you know what could be the reason for that problem?

Same Problem Here. Any solution to the traction light problem?


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