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hi-performance chip


  Still a new guy here on Mustangs eager for knowledge. Question is......... Where do I find "the chip" and can I determine if it's stock or aftermarket by looking at it? Thanks in advance. -Gary     

Gary, I've heard guys talk about the SLR a lot, and they all like it.  It's only 70 bux and is advertised to give you an extra 50 ponies and 50 torque.  Give these guys a holler.

I'd steer clear of them...

As for the chip... There is no chip in a factory mustang.

The ECU is in the passenger side door. A Proper chip plugs into the service port on the factory ECU. The ECU controls the engine.

The whole point of the chip is to re-calibrate the car and in the case of an automatic the transmission as well to give you more power and driveability.

I'd look to your local SCT Dealer.

Contact them for more info and to find someone who can help you out. They'll be able to get you a setup for your vehicle.

With that being said, personally, I'd look into an SCT Flash Tuner. The X2 or X3 will work well, many places sell them. SCT offers a Pre-Programmed version which works out very well for stock or near stock vehicles and you can always have you vehicle custom dyno tuned later on.

I.m not much of a mechanic and found this abandoned car so i was wondering what kind of performance parts would up do my 4.6 mercury


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