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engine mods to my 2000 gt 4.6


im in the process of completely over hauling my mustang, ive pulled the engine and tranny out and im looking for ideas to get maximum horsepower, i.e super charger compared to twin turbos id like to stay in the neighborhood of 5 to 6 thousand dollars

Personally I stick with the blowers because its nice to not have to wait to long for the power. I don't know to much about turbos but from what I heard a big single turbo is more efficient than twins. But if you are going to want to be able to handle alot of power should prep the engine for boost if you want to run around 12 psi and up. So I would probably get forged internals first and what not.

should i do anything internal to my engine before installing a supercharger? i have 65000 miles on my engine now, i thought about doing a swap with a cobra engine but if i dont have too that would be great. and which supercharger would be best

Well from what I hear our engines can hold around 400rwhp or so without breaking any. But if you want to run more than 10 psi on a stock block I would suggest upgrading to forged internals that would be best. If you could get an 03/04 block they got forged internals already but going that route will cost a good amount of money.

Blower wise all of them are pretty good just depending on the set-up.
 If you get a centrifugal supercharger like Vortech, Paxting, or the Procharger series those do not hit full boost right off the back. They build up boost by rpms.

The Roots style superchargers hit full boost right when you stomp on it.
  Eaton, Kenne bell, Edlebrock and Whipple which these bolt on top of the engine and not on the front side.

The one I got is a vortech v2 sq trim which can run up to 20 psi with of course the supporting mods to get it to be able to handle that much.

If I am wrong on something someone feel free to correct me.

trick flow heads


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