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creaking noise


I have an '07 GT and lately I've noticed a faint creaking noise at low speeds while turning in parking lots. Has anyone had this problem, is it common and what is it? Is it bushings such as on the swaybar or control arm?


It could be the poly bushings in the suspension.  Surely that car is still under warranty.  I would take it to the Ford house and have them take a look at it. 

yeah sorta what i was thinking. i probably will take it in but i hate doing that because about the time they'd look at it is probably also when it won't happen. plus i'll have to find time to actually take it in.

What can I say?   You either find the time to take your car in for repair under warranty, or you don't.

I took it in and it turned out to be the strut that was bent possibly from a major pothole or some kind of impact. They did cover it under warranty though.


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