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Coolant leak & general Questions


Hi there mustangv8 members,

i have just bought a 2005 Mustang GT V8 4.6.

And now that I have driven my dream car for about a week the first problem occurs.

When I park my car in the garage after driving the car looses about 3/4 of the coolant sometimes.

Looking at the coolant case showed me that the case or the cap(both original) seem to be the problem as they are wet and all the coolant drops from there. Could that be? Is this a known problem?
I read somewhere that the 2010+ Mustangs Coolant Reservoir cap is better than the 05's?

May my engine have pulled air already?

I am afraid what to do next.

Can you guys please help me out?

Beside this i have some general questions i put them in here to avoid another thread:

I can not open my trunk by key the lock won't turn. Only with the remote I can open the trunk. What is the Problem here?

My shelby rims do not have locking bolts. Can someone recommend some as I do not want to see my pony standing on bricks?

What OBD-Cable should i buy? And which software do you recommend?

Thank you and Regards



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