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cold start engine knock?


My 04 GT has had a momentary knock when started since day 1.
Is there a way to delay ignition for 1 or 2 seconds so that oil pressure kicks in? Thanks.

you can do two things. 1st you can upgrade to a high volume (not pressure) oil pump, this will lube it  alot better. 2nd you can get whats called a oil acumalator.
this will explan how it works. before you shut the car off you sotre oil in a container and before you start the car the next time you open the valve and lube th top end before you store it. catching on.  you store more oil in your car plus it will lower your oil temp if placed in a good place.

What oil filter are you using?  If it is a Fram, there is your problem.  Use Motorcraft filters.  The Fram filter drains completely after you shut off the engine, so it takes a few seconds for the pump to fill it before throwing oil on the lifters. The motorcraft has a way to not allow the oil to drain out of it when you shut off the engine, so the oil is immediately pumped up to the lifters.  If that doesn't work, use a quart of  Marvel's Mystery Oil the next time you change the oil.  That stuff sticks to the lifters, and helps to lubricate them when the engine is first started.  Most additives are snake oil, but that stuff actually works. 


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