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Hi, I justa have a 1997 Mustang GT with caster cambles, I just buy the car with them installed, but last week i change all my struts and shocks to KYB and notice that there is nothing under the front (over the front struts) Between the strut and the car,  only the dust cover of the strut and the little spacer that use the CC, I don't know if this is causing a sound each time i brake, like a bad strut plate mount that use the conventional cars, for be honest i don't know the make or model of the CC, my question is the CC supose to have something under the plate or over the strut a bushing, bump stop or something???, I see today in the web a set of MM Caster Camber Plate Kit replacement bump stops but I don't know is this product can resolve my problem or is only for MM CC products. I change a lot of parts and waste a lot of money to resolve this issue any advice or experience to share going to be apreciate.

Thanks for your time!


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