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I have a 2000 gt and I am wondering how I would go about making a AWD conversion. Which ford drive trains are closest to a 2000 gt? also I have a roush so would the roush suspension package be changed all that much.. if at all?

Why?  Do you plan on going mudding in that Mustang?  In my opinion, you either have too much time on your hands or you have too much money that could be put into a real 4 wheel drive vehicle. 

I don't really like any of the real awd cars as much as I like my mustang, not to mention it would be sick, how many people can say they have an awd mustang, it would handle great too

We ask for opinions on here, and here is mine.  Dumb idea. ;D

I have dirven a few awd cars ei my friends 400hp evo 8 and it was on of the funniest times i have ever had in a car ther is nothing like the feeling and awd car off a launch or in a corner i think that it would be awesome to do and i am sure it can be done but the price tag would be high extremely high. although a more afordable option would be to buy an older awd car and work on that maybe an eagle talon i have seen them with very similar body kits to almost mimick a late 90's mustang.


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