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If you think 4 wheel drive cars were superior to back wheel cars, don't you think NASCAR would have adopted the concept?   

Hmmmmm never thought about that but they only usually turn left  and there cars are set up in such a way that they can only turn left. And why use AWD when u have basically unlimitted funds to create a body that creates mass amounts of down force with out that added weight of an awd system.  The same for the open wheel cars also they rather but a 80k front spoiler on a car then add a awd drive system and save that few hundred pounds but the average joe isnt going to go to a wind tunnel and figure out how to do things like that unless u have a degree in areonotics.  So for the lamens people an awd system gives u all the traction with out the ungodly costs of spoilers and body motification that would give u all that down force. Also awd drive will let u hook in a turn doing 30-40 mph full throttal if u take a finially tuned car that is ment to create all that down force it will have problems negiotiating turns at low speeds

The Indy cars go right, and they only have rear wheels to propel them, so do the funny cars.  4 wheel drive is good for snow, mud and outback driving.  As far as handling, they have absolutely no advantage. 

Yeah but arent we talking about street cars a funny car is usually sitting on a ton of rubber in the back.  I assume that you have never been in a modern awd car because the expierence is amazing.  There are not really many rwd drive cars that can pull the same g's on a skid pad then an awd drive car like an STI or a GTR.

I have owned and driven awd trucks/vans/Suv's.  They are good for off road and weather conditions such as snow, but not conducive to racing or driving  on dry roads.  Yes, they are superior in certain conditions. but certainly not for daily driving.  Just too much friction.  On a side note:  I would dearly love to own a GTR.  Not for the AWD, but for the sheer performance of that beast. 


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