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Yes it must be fun driving such light cars with a V8 engine.

As much of a cool idea as that is I dont think that its worth it..

At the top of the AWD foodchain cars handle very well.

There is generally no wheel hop, because the added weight and traction of the front wheels allows the car to accelerate using all 4 wheels and thus there is far less resistance to getting going- AWD cars are not known for massive wheelspin

BUT you are proposing to fabricate a system on a chassis not designed for it.  Audi spent ungodly sums to make their cars work and work well.  Subaru spent years and fortunes to make their cars perform as well as they do

You can make an AWD Mustang-but making it AWD doesn't mean you will have the handling of factory AWD cars, just that all your wheels will turn under power (more friction, more weight, more of all the bad stuff and maybe a little benefit if you get lucky)-more likely is that you will get a quirky handling car that you will spend tons of time trying to sort out.

haha an awd mustang would be great if you had the power to make it worth it and dont let this soaring guy tell you different

Had same idea. Tried it but not awd did 4wd  used explorer set up with the auto 4wd option, we cut and shortened it fitting it to an 88gt  didn't work out too well was cool for a bit but didn't handle like a Stang should did the same to a buddy's chevelle on a Chevy truck frame


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