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ol dirty doug:
good man.   hows bout we go fuck up a chevy instead???!!!! hahaha

Heard that.  Just not a 1957 chevy. 

An awd mustang would be an interesting project to do and to see. Good luck with that. 

Europeans already started to do AWD conversions on Mustangs as early as 1970 using the transmission from the British Jensen FF and the result was very impressive.

I don't think it will be easy to find a Jensen transmission today but a member in the French section is working on an AC Cobra kit car powered by a 390 V8 and a transmission from an European Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4.
I didn't think the transmission could hold the torque of a big block V8 but he is saying that he saw AWD kit cars running with this transmission and GM 350 engines. This might be a solution for you Lilian.

I live in a very small town in the hills of Texas, and on my way to the Ace hardware store today I saw 6 AC Cobras going the other direction.  All the drivers had a smile on their face as wide as the Grand Canyon.  I guess they must have had a meet in this area or something, but they were all beautifu. 


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