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That sportroof Mustang can be repaired.  Like Thierry said, the rail and the floors can be replaced.  I have seen much worse vintage Mustangs that wound up getting almost every part replaced and they turned out beautifully. 

everything can be repaired but I also like modified mustangs; I have my 70 mach 1 for collector and it is matching numbers export model.
69 SR are plentiful in the US and really cheap for someone who knows where to look.
my awd 69 mustang will be my ultimate project and I won't build another car after this one. I fisrt thought swapping a complete audi rs6 chassis under it but it is too expensive and high perfomrmance parts are non available.

OK, it's your car.  Do with it as you wish.  It will definitely be an interesting project.  I just hope your pockets are deep, because that project will cost a ton of French Francs.   ;D  Noooo.............It's Euro's now isn't it?  I left Germany about 6 months after the EU changed over to the Euro.  What's the exchange rate now from USD to the Euro? 

ol dirty doug:
NO OFFENCE or dissrespect to anyone, but the 1969 is one of the ugliest mustangs out there (except for the 69 gt500 i think it is i like that one) ...... now with being said there are alot of them out there i think it would be fuckin rad to see t\oine that heavily modifird espically because its one of the normal run of the mill ones.  i personally am a huge fan of the 1967 and 1968 cars and i want to do a resto mod or a drastic conversion that is completly different than stock, but i would not do it to a rarer model ie. gt350 or hurst gt or gt500. but to a normal 302 2 barrel basic one.  "sock is good, but modified heavily with taste is BETTER!"

i love all you guys and gals out there, make it your own unless its a rare one, then dont touch it!

I can never agree to heavily modifying a classic Mustang, but that's just me.  But, I do agree that the 69-73 Mustangs are ugly compared to the 65-68. 


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