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--- Quote from: lilian on February 22, 2010, 12:59:59 PM ---Roushben
I am working on a similar project but based on a 69 SR shell.

--- End quote ---

What is a 69 SR shell? I hope you are not planning to convert a 69 Mustang into an AWD?  :o

Doing it on a 2000 Mustang, why not? There is plenty of them but it's not the case with the classics, especially in France.
If this is really what you want to do, why not buying a Ford Sierra and have it converted into a Mustang kit car? A British company can do it and you could install the parts from a Sierra Cosworth 4x4.  ;D

yes I will, it doesn't matter if it is a classic or not, the stang I will start with is far too gone to be restored,

You are doing this on a sportroof?  :-[
The rail and the floor can be replaced and if you are planning to drive this car again, you will probably fix it anyway.  :'(

Is this how the car looks like right now or is it a different one?

this is one of mine that is for sale ....


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