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I really hope that I'm not repeating others questions too much, but I guess, this question is somewhat specific to me.  I have a 2005 Mustang GT (4.6) and am very happy with it.  The only modification I have added is a K&N Drop-In Filter (not a cold-air induction unit).  After this addition my gas mileage improved slightly and I looked in several magazines for ways to improve mileage and have seen several adds for 'chips' and 'flash programmers' that claim they will boost mileage and power, and this combination seems too good to be true.  What is the catch? Does this void your warrenty, shorten engine life, fry your transmission, make illegal emissions, or some other bad thing?  If they do work, how?  I have asked this question at the sites making the products and only received partial answers, so I thought I'd ask at a site like this.  I'm a true novice with cars, but would be interested in anything that I could easily do that would improve efficiency, speed, or safety without risk of me botching the whole thing during installation, and if you hace any hints, I'd truely appreciate it.    I hope I haven't wasted your time.


hey Chris welcome the a great site. if you add a chip it will not void your warrenty ,becuase you can program it to do anything and if you mess up you can take it back to stock. hypertech make a good product,you can adjust alot of this, and it will not fry anything it will only help it. you car is bogged down with epa crap , the chip or programers can alow you to adjust shift points,oxygen sensors, if you can tires you can correct your speedo, also you  can loos the rev limitor. you can gain some good hp and yes you can get better gas milage becuase you are unbogging the emissions crap, kinda funny I think. it depends if you wanna spend th money for it. also if you discide to get the cold air kit, also if you get the kit make sure you disconect the battery so that the computer can adjust for the extra air,if you dont your mass air sensor light will be effected and make you car run like crap and you sheck engine light will come on. thanks Chris for coming ,DUSTIN

Thanks for the reply!  It is appreciated!



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