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I have a friend with a 5.4 motor out of a 2002 truck....willing to sell it to me for 200 bucks...motor is fully intact, nothing missing. but has alot of miles on it.  i've been looking for a stroker kit for it but cant seem to find anything on it.  idk what to do?  fully build my 4.6?  or buy the 5.4 and find parts to build it?   what would be my best bet on getting the most hp and tq?

Trust me man, build the 4.6

Truck engines are designed for pulling, not speed.  You would have to replace most of the engine if you rebuilt that 5.4.  Rebuild the 4.6

see i was gonna tear the whole motor down and replace everything on it. new crank, rods, and pistons so it wasnt set up for a truck anymore....that it would make power for speed, not for hauling or towing. and it has PI heads on it already which i was gonna have shaved some, all new valves, and a set of cams.   i figured it would be a nasty motor when it was all done???  maybe im wrong haha. 

Yeah, that would be a winner if all you use is the block. 


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