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2007 V8 starting problem


A couple of times in the last fortnight I have gone to start the car and with clutch pedal on floor as normal, the starter kicks, dies, kicks, dies like it has a bad connection...luckily in the end the engine starts. Both times, the car has been unused but garaged for at least 24 hrs, and in fairly cold damp conditions.... any ideas on easy things to check?

I have an 07 as well and you probably know that the clutch has to be all the way to the floor in order for it to crank. I have had a few times where I'll lift my foot even a tiny amount and it will stop cranking. If something is wrong with that switch, or something got under your clutch pedal (floormat?) then you could be only just barely closing that circuit on the clutch pedal. I would probably look into that. Just an idea hope it helps.


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