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2003 radiator fan only starts when you turn on air conditioner switch


my radiator fan froze so i replaced the whole radiator fan assembly & a 50 amp burnt fuse on my 2003 4.6 mustang GT. now the fan only goes on when you turn on the air conditioner switch & the air conditioner doesn't blow cold air. all fuses are fine. i also replaced the cooling sensor & that didn't help. the ford dealer said it could be a burnt aluminum wire or the computer is not communicating with the new radiator fan & has to be adjusted, the new fan motor assembly wasn't a ford part, or the CCRM(constant control relay module) $625, or the PCM(power control module) $192. the dealer wants to charge me $100 just to tell me what's wrong. it will be applied to the bill. any ideas. has anyone had this problem. it's my fault, i didn't use the car for a extended time.

ol dirty doug:
i think its the cooling fan relay, but i do not know if your car has a seperate one, or if it is interigrated with some other componets?


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