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2003 GT won't start

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Hey all:

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!  Mine was fine until I got up this morning to run some errands and tried to start my GT after setting for about a week.  It started right up, ran for maybe 20 seconds, then died and wouldn't restart.  It acted as though the starter bendix wouldn't engage the fly wheel, but didn't sound like that was the problem.  I did  smell something odd, perhaps electrical but thought it might have been the starter after several attempts at restarting, but no luck so I'm open to options.


Have you determined if it is fuel or electrical related?  Most likely if it started and ran for 20 seconds, then it is fuel related.  Make sure you are getting fuel flow.  Fuel filter?  Dirty MAF?

I hadn't really determined a fuel problem as it sounds like the starter is spooling up but isn't even turning the engine over. 

Then, take the starter out and have Autozone check it to see if the starter if FUBAR. 

Happy days:

Looks like water in the fuel!!  As I said, it had been setting for several days, it was cold and it had rained so the water, in suspension in the fuel, condensed and was sucked up by the pump.  Late last night I went out to check on some things and tried to start my car and it grudgingly fired over.  The exhaust smelled terrible but it was running.  Thanks for your help and have a Happy New Year.


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