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1996 sohc-pats key problems


I've been having problems with my 96' gt for a while now. A year or two ago I had the tranceiever/antenae for the the pats key system replaced. It basically reads the key. Now one day out of no where my car won't start. It's flashing theft light. I got it towed to Ford thinking it was a similiar problem , but after they towed it, it fired right up. Then I drove it for another month with no problems. now it won't start again. Is there a wire I could cut, or a way to bypass the pats key system? When i take it to the dealership the problem goes away, then they have nothing to go on. This is becoming a pain in the ass. hopefully someone can share some insight. Thanks again. :-D

Welcome to the forum Deaner96. I don't know much about electronics and modern cars but how did the car start at the dealership? Was the car locked and unlocked before to be fired up? Is the battery still good in your key? Having your key in your pocket while the Mustang was being towed may have given it some heat and charge its battery. Other than that I have no idea where the problem could be.



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