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1996 gt auto 4.6 performance mods (newbie to the forum so be kind) hahaha


ol dirty doug:
hi i am brand new to this forum and i was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction ...

i just got a 1996 mustang gt auto trans, can anyone point me in the direction of engine performance mods for this car please???

and is it true that this motor is one of the worst in the late model mustang line up???

i want to go fast with spending not too much money

i am a 5.0 genius but this motor is something i have zero expirance with.

the car ran last friday at firebird dragstrip a 14.1 at 91 mph to the best of my knowledge it is all stock (except air filter and the trans is a tci unit(maybe cat back but it is too fuckin quite)) foot braked at 2100 and shifted at 5750 rpm.  it seems kinda fast for being stock???? but this motor is all new to me.

any help is appreciated!!!!!  thank you



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