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03 GT New battery, now wont start


Don't drive it much - just sunny sundays.  Replaced battery, now cranks strongly, do not hear fuel pump, no starting.  THEFT light goes out after a few seconds in ON position.  Checked fuel pump reset in trunk.  Suspect the PATS because battery was disconnected for a couple of hours.  Can I disable the PATS?  Can I jumper a connector for the fuel pump to try?  Dealer says to tow it in, may need new keys.  Keys work just fine - lock/unlock, alarm, trunk.  Any ideas?  Have under 30k miles on it - started and drove great all last spring/summer and the two years before that. 

Can anyone recommend ODB reader for 03?


Personally, I wouldn't mess with it myself.  I'd just take it to a reputable Ford dealership.  You can go crazy trying to figure out the codes, even if you have the right equipmentl. 

Ok, Soaring, thanks.  I saw a reference on another site that the problems Ford has had with the PATS losing its place resulted in them designing a reset (key in door lock, turn left) into the Taurus.  The F150 has also had problems, but has no reset, and the mustang has none either that I can find.  How do you find a reputable Ford dealership?  I am looking at a $100+ tow, then $200+ for keys, unless they decide to replace the fuel pump first (no fuel at engine, so replace the pump), in which case it might be $400.  I have learned from experience that the more I know about the problem, the better job the dealer does.  Otherwise, they follow some kind of check list:  1. replace whatever part we think of first.  2.  When that doesn't work, replace the next part we think of.  3.  repeat #2 until customer runs out of money or problem disappears.  Are there certifications that I should look for in the Ford dealer technicians? 

Update:  Needed a new fuel pump.  Apparently when mustangs sit for a couple of months, regardless of age, the fuel pump can seize up, as reported on several other postings here.  After fuel pump was replaced, all has worked perfectly since.  I now make sure I start the engine for at least a few minutes every week or two.

Part of this is related to alcohol in the fuel.  Try and find pure gas before any extended storage and use a fuel stabilizer.  Glad you got it straightened out.


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