Author Topic: 01 GT Clutch/PP Flywheel issues!!!!!  (Read 9721 times)


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01 GT Clutch/PP Flywheel issues!!!!!
« on: December 25, 2012, 09:17:16 AM »
I bought a 2001 GT 5 speed used off of Craigs List, 2 weeks later the clutch exploded at 1am on a Saturday night. I looked up the Vin code says I the early 10.5 clutch and PP. Order in from American Muscle, tore car apart. The clutch disk came apart in about 15 pieces. I put all old parts for the scrap guy. Wrong clutch PP wont bolt up i have the 11" clutch. So I called American Muscle again, as I was on phone I seen junk yard yellow paint all over tranny. So I figured some one swapped with the late 01 Tranny. So they sent me another clutch 11" Ram HDX for the late, for the same money ($80.00 more) and no frt. It comes in rite size clutch but mounting holes (6.25 apart) wont line up when I mount on dowel pins... Called them again they have no idea whats wrong, they want me to buy a $300.00 flywheel. Will this flywheel bolt to my car???

help car DOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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